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I’m from a small town called Windsor, North Carolina.  A while ago, I was attempting to create a printed paper and site to keep up with the community and everything that was going on there.  It didn’t quite happen as I imagined.  I think I disappointed some people who tried to help get me started in taking so long.  But, some things take time.  I hope the things I post here will make up for some of the lost time.   Do you have stories and information?  Drop me a line …or a story.  Make sure it’s sourced; and I’ll post it.


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I grew up in a small town called Windsor, North Carolina– The county seat of Bertie County.  This is not the “official” history, but it is a history of interesting facts I could find about the area–salted with my bits and pieces of storytelling.  I have also included interesting links that I hope you find interesting as the story unfolds.   By the way, hopefully this will be an on-going history as I plan to update it with additional links and revisions as the present themselves as I go along.  So check back often for updates and click on the other tabs for news and information too.  Thanks and peace.

Bertie County was founded and established as a county in 1722.  According to my research, it was originally part of Albemarle County and was called Bertie Precinct.  After becoming a county, Bertie at one point, had approximately 45 townships, though some, by now,  may have combined and merged into single townships– possibly for economic reasons.

Out of the 45 townships,  I know of approximately 13.  Windsor, Lewiston, Roxobel, Kelford, Askewville Aulander, Ahoskie (though no longer considered part of Bertie County), Colerain, Indian Woods, Merry Hill, Powellsville, Sans Souci, and Woodard (aka The Neck).  I’ll go into detail about each later on in the (his)story.  I’ve probably driven through many of the others dozens of times but just didn’t realize they were actual townships.  You can read brief descriptions about the townships at this site called The Towns and Communities of Original Bertie County.  I found it and other interesting sites and information while researching the content of this writing.


…to be continued


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