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DHSpeller Support Services


Do you need support? Someone to blog, write or tweet to help promote you… I can help with that!

I help individuals, organizations and businesses with their efforts of getting noticed by using social media.

I can also help with event planning, project management and office management projects.

*New!  I now offer support services on an As Need basis!  Writing, Blogging, Typing, Virtual Admin Support and Social Media management.  Prices start at $20/hourly with $60 deposit.  Please contact me today to find out how we can work together towards accomplishing your goals!


Business/Organization:  DHSpeller Support Services

Address:  Virtual Administrative Support

Tele: (704) 807-5845

Cell: (919) 208-0219

Email: dhspeller@c-view.net

Web:  http://www.DanielSpeller.info



Denise Hamilton

Denise Hamilton is an entrepreneur who has several interests in the business community and offers products and services to businesses and individuals in the area of home decor.

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Home Decor:


Denise’s House of Wax is a company which makes customized scented soy-wax candles.  Sizes and scents are selected by the customer.  Personal containers can also be used if the customer has their own or can be provided by Denise’s House of Wax.


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40 Scents Available Including:

  • Very Vanilla
  • Egyptian Amber
  • Sex on the Beach
  • Lemon Verbena
  • Lavender Rose …and many more!
  • Contact us for information.

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Owner:  Denise Hamilton

Address:  Charlotte, NC

Tele: (980) 202-0493






Prince PC Shop


Prince PC Shop is owned and operated by Tyrone Prince, computer repairer and network administrator.  Located in Raleigh, NC.  Offering affordable prices for computers and software. We can help you find the right computer system for your home or business!

Business/Organization:  Prince PC Shop

Address:  Raleigh, NC

Contact:  princepcshop@yahoo.com

Web:  http://www.youtube.com/princepcshop


Prince PC Shop  also offers customized support to fit your budget and need.

  • Payment plans are available at customers request.
  • Our computers are custom built to fit your home and business needs.
  • Repairs; new builds, custom builds, web support and parts!…


Check out our YOUTUBE site!


Kaye Young Arori


kayeAroriKaye’s Profile:  Entrepreneur from Raleigh, North Carolina.  She has several ventures and is also a transport for the local chapter of Lyft. 

Business/Organization:  Kaye Young Arori, Entrepreneur 

Address:  Raleigh, NC

Tele: (919) 809-9094

Web:  http://wrnsystem.com/kflow

Products & Services:

What to expect from PhytoZon
  • Immediate Brain/Body Balance, Mental Clarity, Focus, and Recall – Mental Cognition and Concentration

  • Pain & Inflammation

  • Arthritis – Amazing relief – clinical results

  • Immune support

  • Sexual function

  • Immune support

  • Heart Health

  • Blood Sugar Health

D. Kaye Arori