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I love Charlotte, NC …and The Carolina Panthers are cool, but…

Carolina Panther Image


Let me be clear.  I like sports.  I like football… but not as much as I did years ago…before they did that strike thing way back in the day.  (Yeah, I should let that go, but I still feel a little some type of way about the whole situation.)  However, that’s not what this post is about.  This post is about a city and the people of it—Charlotte, NC.  I lived there not too long ago (and hopefully will be returning to at least live there part time, in the near future).  I remember the ordinary folk and want to say something about that situation.

Charlotte, The People and Relative Economics

This post is partly about the sale of Carolina Panthers, but mostly about physical changes and perceptions relative to economics that I’d noticed in the city of Charlotte.  There has been a lot of growth in the city recently.  And, along with that growth, I feel there has also been a lot of displacement Continue reading

South Carolina Owes North Carolina Land


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I saw this article in Pastemagazine.com titled, So Part of South Carolina’s About to Turn into North Carolina.   It was an interesting, and somewhat amusing article when I first read it.  I actually thought the article was a joke– until I read the background info.  Then I thought… are you kidding? [ Apparently not].  So now, according to the article, sum 660 square miles of land belong to North Carolina.

It’s amazing how something someone does or does not do affects an outcome so many years later.  I find it even more amazing that they had records of what went down in 1735.  1735 being the year.  It’s a short and interesting article. You should give it a read.  So Part of South Carolina’s About to Turn into North Carolina.

NarrroWay Productions Summer Camps

kids-circleNarroWay Productions offering Summer Camps for Kids in June and July 2016. Camps for kids grades 1-8.  visit the site below to find out more detailed information!


More Information: NarroWay Summer Camps for Kids


The NarroWay Theatre
3327 Hwy 51N
Fort Mill, SC 29715
(704) 831-8893

[su_gmap address=”The NarroWay Theatre 3327 Hwy. 51 N Fort Mill SC 29715 “]

My first meetup: ‘Charlotte Bloggers’

I had heard about meetup groups for a while now–here in the Charlotte area.  I even thought about starting my own group–unfortunately …they said my group didn’t qualify.  Hmmm, in essence too ‘sale-sy’.   So, I decided to troll around and find other groups to join and follow. LOL! …And, I’m glad I did.

I attended my first event yesterday, at a place called Advent Coworking.  Awesome spot.  I met the two founders, Kevin and Ryan and I was really impressed with Continue reading