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Development and Growth: Relationships

One of the things non-profit organizations can do for a community is to provide useful information that will help with personal and professional growth.  Today’s topic of discussion is “Relationships”.

Good relationships consist of a level of trust.  Whether building trust with personal or business relationships, there has to be interaction between the parties trying to establish the connection on a regular, consistent basis.  People like to work with and be involved  with those they can depend on and can relate to.   The more consistent you are Continue reading

Don’t Get Phone Envy– I Think The Google Handwriting App is Great for Ordinary Phones

If you don’t have the loot for expensive high end phones with the fancy styluses (whose brands shall remain nameless in this post), then you should consider the Google Handwriting App.  I think it works great!  Don’t get phone envy or be salty with you friend because their phone might bling a little more than yours.  I think I started using the app a couple of years ago on one of my other assorted-low cost Android phones.

Someone recently saw me using my finger on my phone’s touch screen and asked what game I was playing.  I told them I was actually using a handwriting app.  It requires no stylus or fancy apparatuses and you can just start writing on the screen and the handwritten letters are converted to text.  I think it is one of the better Google apps out there… and I hope they NEVER retire it!  (did you see that Google search engine?)  NEVER.  Retire. It.   #NeverRetireIt

Anyway, I think Continue reading

The SnapChat Rush

So, what do I think about Snapchat?  Well, I’m glad that they are doing well in the market.  Kudos.  If I had the cash to put in the stock, I’d heavily consider getting some.  But, as a tool for business or just general use, I just don’t get it.

The concept is easy enough to understand.  You post and share stuff that disappears in 24 hours; but why would you?  It just seems shady.  Almost like a pressure salesman or petulant child that wants you to look at them now, or not at all.  I mean, I don’t even get around to looking at the stuff I NEED to look at in 24 hours most of the time.    That’s why most standards are “3 to 5 business days”.   And what do you do when someone doesn’t get to see the stuff you posted?  Do you repost it, and call up your peeps and say “look at it now, now!  Before it goes away!?

So, no.  I don’t use it.  I don’t want that kind of pressure or rush coming from all sides; and then having to answer the question “Did you see my snapchat?”  with a reply of  “nah… I think something was wrong with my phone…

Sounds cool though.  I just like living life in the slower lane; with a 140 characters.  😉


Carve Out A Few Minutes Each Day To Handle Difficult Projects

Image: From original on Procurious.com

Do you have a big project in your life or business that you’ve been putting off tackling because it’s just too big and would take up more time than you have to dedicate to it right now?  Putting it off is “a” solution but it may not be the “right” solution.

Consider chipping away at it a little bit at a time.  Carving out a few Continue reading