True Story…

[reblog of a facebook post] …sigh… so, I had tried a store-bought sweet potato pie a couple of weeks ago–and, ey, it wasn’t that great…then I tried a pumpkin pie..cause you know… all the pumpkins are out and er’thang… and then to-day… Today I tried a Pattie LaBelle Sweet Potato pie ?….??…mann…lemme tell

Hello world!

This is the new look and relaunch of my blog (! As you may have observed, it’s known by and will continue to be known by several names–purposefully. I hope to reach out to different people in different circles and bring them all together here.  Enjoy the blog and I look forward to your input.… Read More Hello world!

Ohio Voter Photo ID

Quick Post:  MSNBC Ed Show.  Republicans in Ohio are working to pass a law that would require a photo ID, as opposed to the options voters currently have of choosing from several forms of identification.  My question is:  Will the Republicans also offer a way of paying for the ID that will cause a hardship on… Read More Ohio Voter Photo ID

Changes to the Site

Yes, the Site has changed.  I’m trying out a new theme I designed for the site.  I’m still working out some of the kinks; but, so far…it’s good. The header is going to a great place for advertisers and I look forward to working with you all real soon.  🙂 I need businesses and organizations… Read More Changes to the Site