Monthly Archives: March 2018

2018 Elections Are Coming!

2018 Elections are right around the corner and there is a lot of information out there for voters to consume.  Personally, I’m a progressive Independent and most of my views will be along those line.  I found cool sites and information from both Bernie Sanders ( ) and Jill Stein ( ) …and the candidates they have information on.

Whatever your views are, I encourage you to take time to do some research to learn about issues, platforms and candidates in general– so that you can choose the best candidate who represents you.  Don’t take my word or anyone else’s word.  It is your vote and you should feel great about who you use it for.  Don’t base your decisions on any one tv station or group.  Decide where you should be in your heart of hearts and find candidates you can support.

Site Updates 15 March 2018:

It’s a new year …(wooo-hooo)… and we are well into it… just thought I’d write a quick update post to let everyone who’s following us know that I’m slowly moving in the direction of moving more of my overall efforts here to the website. So, yes.  I’m going full circle and giving it another try to put Facebook posts, Twitter and all other platform posts here.  All other peripherals will primarily be used as tentacles to bring views back to visit me here ?

Also, this year, Continue reading