Curry School of Etiquette

Curry School of Etiquette is the right place for you!  Our school teaches both young and old alike social skills and etiquette.  Learn the art of Formal Dining; gain insight about how to react in social settings and networking events; and become the graceful, confident person you always wanted to be!


Business/Organization:  Curry School of Etiquette

Address:  North Carolina

Tele: (919) 797-1888

Website:  Returning soon!



[su_tabs][su_tab title=”Introduction”]At the Curry School of Etiquette (CSE) we have one goal in mind: To Bring Etiquette Back! We seek to restore appropriate social and professional behavior. Our courses are broken down and specifically designed whether it’s introducing basic skills in dining and proper treatment of others to the youngest of young, or preparing young adults for college interviews and dressing for success. The Curry School of Etiquette works to restore a lost art, a true way of life… Contact us for more info! [/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Corporate Training”]Power lunches, corporate dinners, and proper business attire are essential in being a part of a group of “true” professionals. In this one day business seminar, your entire team will receive vital one on one training with the instructor. Training for business and professionals. Contact us for more info! [/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Family Ties”]Some families desire to receive formal etiquette training within their family structure, be it for an upcoming formal dinner party, military ball or maybe wanting to brush up on family dining. This course schedule is made according to the family’s personal desire. It can be as short as one training class for a few hours or several classes. Contact us for more info! [/su_tab][/su_tabs]

Etiquette Classes can teach you about how to present yourself at meetings.
Knowing ‘how to dress’ for an occasion helps a lot with first impressions.
You gain confidence and increase poise when you can identify dinner utensils …and when to use them.