Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3… Deep reading. Of the many chapters and verses in the Bible, these are amongst the most profound. Both poetic and timeless, these scriptures are forever applicable in the everyday life of Man. “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…” –the chapter starts.… Read More Seasons

Make Them Blink

(Opinion: DHSpeller) It is interesting to see what is going on across the nation.  While businesses are making billions in profits, some are still whining about paying taxes.  Furthermore, they seem to have some elected officials on their side as they move to push even more of the burden on workers across America.  Yes, even after… Read More Make Them Blink

About Reviews

This is a new category I’m introducing to the blog for upcoming reviews being written about books, restaurants, places, events and many other things.  Some may be written by guest writers. The hope is to give readers an individualistic look at whatever the subject of the writing is.  Do you have an opinion you would… Read More About Reviews