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F O L K B I R D · c o

Whenever my mom would get back from a cruise, she would force us all to sit through a slideshow [and tell] of the photos she’d taken. Not that we needed much persuading, but more so that she unashamedly demanded our undivided attention and provided refreshments. Ha. I thought of her today as I uploaded the jillion photos of the coast and the ocean I plan to post in the next few days. I haven’t been able to talk to her in five years now, but I still become more like her with each passing one.

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rest from the rain 

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4th annual birthday day trip

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F O L K B I R D · c o

So I went to Bolinas for my birthday. I had braced myself for a locals only vibe per the things I’d read online about how the residents take the sign down off the highway so no one can find the place. That wasn’t at all my experience. Most everyone I encountered was actually fairly hospitable. You can definitely sense a wariness of tourism and of the striving energy and consumerism that bustles beneath the beach town in the greater Bay Area. But that’s exactly why I wanted to go… to get a quiet moment away and just be alive for a minute on the earth. That being said, I didn’t take a ton of photos once we got there. Most of the photos I took that day were of Muir Beach on the way up and Stinson Beach on the way back down. In Bolinas, I was mostly just resting. 

If ever you…

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Creating something from nothing

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Many people find themselves unemployed because of economic problems. My encouraging word today is: Don’t be totally discouraged by what you have lost. You still have your talents, skills and abilities. You have not lost them. I encourage you to use the “Entrepreneur” approach. Create something from nothing.

If you worked in the banking industry, you may have the skill to assist others in qualifying for loans or help them understand the basic workings of the stock market. Use those skills to create wealth for yourself by helping others solve their problems.

Although the verse may not exactly fit, In Proverbs 11:26, it says, “He that withholdeth corn, the people shall curse him: but blessing shall be upon the head of him that selleth it”. Notice that it did not say you had to “give” it away, although giving is nice. But it said “selleth it”.

To me this means that if you have something that can help people, they will be more than happy to reward you for it with pay! So again, I encourage you to take inventory of what you have and take it to the market place. People are waiting to buy from you.

And as you begin to help others, you will notice that you need help. The cycle has begun and a new micro-economy is created. Let it begin with you.

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